Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Leadership Is A Management Responsibility"

Years ago, in the midst of a difficult leadership situation at the time, I read this quotation which fit the circumstances at that time perfectly.  It is written for a school situation but it applicable for schools, churches, work, or really anything requiring leadership--and I have seen this to be true in a number of situations over the years.  (BTW--my school administrator is doing a great job!)

"Leadership is a management responsibility.  It is not the duty or responsibility of the teaching staff.  Remember, leadership may come from within the organization--but it must always come from the top of one.  In all institutions, be it a business, school, or church, leadership must come from where the authority is.  With appointed authority and title comes responsibility--by ethics as well as by law.  This is the function of administration.

"When grassroots is the expected source of all leadership, then management becomes a position rather than a function.  In truth, in institutions where leadership is effected primarily through grassroots efforts, those being led know it.  All too often, to those they lead, administrators are regarded as an obstacle. . .At best, administration becomes a position of unneeded liaison.  In truth, these kinds of leaders are either unknowledgeable or fear the leadership role they hold.  They also fear or fail to know and understand those they lead.  Amazingly, these kinds of administrators are usually bewildered, hurt, and disappointed because teachers and superiors are critical of their leadership."

DeBruyn, Robert.  Causing Others To Want Your Leadership.  R.L. DeBruyn Associates, 1976, pp. 67-68.

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LynnK said...

"From the top of one" is a truth to remember and practice. I knew many years ago of an asst. pastor who requested the position of "co-pastor".
The Pastor declined and replied....a two-headed ox can't pull anything.