Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, 9/6/13

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1. Son doing well teaching English in a closed country!  He did not even know his schedule until the first part of this week.  Next week he adds more classes.  But he said the ones he taught this week went very well.

2. Daughter doing well student teaching here in the U.S.!  She's just gotten started and will only be in her classroom twice a week this first semester.  But the start has gone very well.

3. Mike has gotten off work for a weekend nights shift so that we can attend a conference we want to go to.  Very happy about that.

4. Having a three-day weekend was great.  A Monday three-day weekend really makes two weeks seem special--the week before when you know the holiday is coming, and the week after the Monday holiday when you only have four days to work.  And always--that great Sunday night feeling of "I don't have to go to work tomorrow."

5. Mother brought me some chicken salad last night.  It made eating the rest of the week much easier--and kept me from having to order a desperation piece of pizza from the school cafeteria tomorrow at noon.


Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad both kids are doing so well in their endeavors! And that the work schedule can accommodate the conference.

I love 3-day weekends, too.

The chicken salad sounds good!

Joyful Reader said...

I love long weekends! The work week has gone by a lot faster!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You're a teaching family, aren't you? Love that! Great that the kids are doing well.

Mmm...I love chicken salad and anything that makes the week easier.

Have a great week ahead!

Kathie said...

Don't you feel good as a mom when your kids are doing well? it's the best feeling!

Glad you're able to make it to the conference together.

And yay for holiday weekends!

Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

What a wonderful feeling you must have knowing your kids are doing well in chosen field of teaching.

I'm so with you on all your points about a long weekend!