Sunday, September 22, 2013

Like Dissolves Like

This afternoon while spray painting some boxes (for Operation Christmas Child - new way to decorate them rather than wrapping them), I got spray paint all over my hands.  Soap and water, even lots of soap, just made them even gunkier.  I knew Mike would not be happy if I went out to his garage and started digging around for his gasoline can.  Nor was I too crazy about that idea myself.

Then I remembered all those years of teaching solutions in chemistry and physical science.  Like dissolves like.  We even did a lab on that, using oil and water to try to dissolve different things and see how a polar solvent (water) dissolve polar solutes (salt, sugar, etc.) and a nonpolar solvent (oil) dissolves nonpolar solutes (wax, vitamin E, etc.)

So - maybe vegetable oil would work?  I got it down and liberally applied it to my hands.  It worked.

Who knows - I may be the last to discover that vegetable oil gets off spray paint.  But at least my hands are not gunky, or stained red and green, any more.


rk2 said...

No, you are not the last. I would have looked for mineral spirits instead of gasoline. Glad to know vegetable oil will work.

Ann said...

Well we both learned something today then!!