Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Selling and Yard Sales

I had every intention of stopping selling on eBay for awhile.

Then I randomly stopped at a yard sale Saturday morning.  Didn't look like much, but it was right there on the side of the road.

And this is what the lady had.  All of these books for $20 (plus some library books going to Alabama later this week with my folks).  Most of them unused.  I can probably triple that or more, easily.

Sigh.  It's bargains like that that keep a person going to yard sales also.  You just NEVER know what you might find.

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rk2 said...

Our latest thing to do is estate sales. They are just different than a garage sale. Renae has an app to find the sales and maps them out for a Saturday morning/afternoon of fun. We got an 8' Christmas tree in a very nice canvas bag for $5. It is hanging from the garage ceiling on a bike rack. I'm afraid someone is going to look in and think those crazy old women have a body hanging up in the garage!