Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, 11/1/13

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1. My brother and his daughter came to see our folks on Sunday afternoon.  We hadn't been with them for awhile, so it was nice to eat Mom's roast beef and sit around the table and talk.

2. Last week we had a morning of team-building exercises.  I'm not crazy about that kind of thing; however, the kids really enjoyed it and it served its purpose.  At least all I had to do was be a cheerleader, and not get down on the ground and act crazy myself.

3. Mike got my car detailed Wednesday.  It looks better than it has since we bought it.  And my dad was willing to take me to work and pick me up since the car was in the shop.  I'm thankful to both of them!

4. I have been grading papers non-stop this week.  Three sets of book reports, three sets of tests, a set of Scarlet Letter themes, three sets of vocabulary exercises, and five sets of vocabulary quizzes.  Plus I've been teaching biology for my dear friend who's been out with gallbladder surgery, and making up a quiz and a test for that.  But as of this morning, most of it is pretty well done. . .

5. AND, yesterday Mike completed his second week of his new job.  No nights, no weekends!

Two sports bonuses:  The Red Sox won the World Series, and it's been fun to watch David Ortiz do so much good hitting.  We watched him hit a home run in person three years ago on the way to Maine, when we stopped in Boston to watch the Red Sox play.

AND, the Gamecocks pulled out a 27-24 win over Missouri, in double overtime, after being down 17-0 at the end of the third quarter!  Improbable but not impossible. . .and they did it!


Joyful Reader said...

my daughter is a junior in hs and she is getting ready to do a study on Scarlet Letter in her English III honors class.
I love a detailed car! Almost feels like driving a new one!
If you get a chance come by and check out my giving thanks challenge for November...

Barbara H. said...

Mike's new schedule sounds great!

I'm not crazy about team-building exercises, either, but they seem to be the thing now.

Wow, that's a lot of grading to get done in a week.

Susanne said...

Whew, that is quite a load you had at work this week! Hope you get some nice rest time this weekend. Yay for your husbands job that gives him weekends and evenings off.

Kids love team building stuff. It was the first thing my daughter's class did at bible school. She had loads of fun.

Willow said...

I completely understand the whole correcting comps thing--while my 40 homeschool students are elementary age, it's still 40 comps a week.

The like-new car sounds great (my car sure needs that!) and the new job for your hubby is even better!