Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ups and Downs

I haven't done an ups and downs post in a long, long time.

UP: Both daughter and husband got deer yesterday morning.  Both are happy.

UP: Andrew's colleagues and friends worked together to give him a good birthday.  I was very glad about that.

UP: I made a buffalo chicken pasta recipe last week, with a half a cup of hot sauce!  (Also a half a cup of blue cheese dressing, chicken, and bowtie pasta.  And for the first time Mike was happy (in terms of heat) with something I've cooked.  If he had his way everything we had would be be full of hot peppers.  The hotter the better.

DOWN: Dental issues are no fun.  Believe me.  I had to have a crown removed from a root-canaled tooth on Wednesday; it can't be repaired.  Dentist said - Get the rest removed any time in the next couple of months at an oral surgeon, so I made an appointment for about a month from now.  Well, the pain level and swelling have increased, and I can't eat anything but soft things, as well as have a low grade continuous fever, so that appointment will be moved up to this week --as soon as the oral surgeon can work me in.

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Barbara H. said...

So sorry about the tooth issues! Hope the surgeon can get you in asap.