Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Package Arrived!

I mailed a package to Andrew the day after Thanksgiving.  You've got to be careful what you send--if a package is too valuable it might not make it all the way there.  :-)  Also, mailing is very expensive.  This package was worth about $30-$35 max, and it cost $26 to mail first class.  (Any mailing method less than first class takes so long and is so erratic it's just not worth it.)  And we found out the hard way that you can't mail used clothing--all his winter things were here (by design) for us to mail--and we couldn't mail them due to postal rules.  

This box contained a scarf I crocheted out of camo yarn, a "gator" that Mike bought him to go around a person's neck and can be pulled up (that's what's over his face in the picture below--I'd never heard of one), a USC knit hat, and a blue knit hat given by one of my students: "My mom knitted it because your son is cold in China."  (Needless to say, I was deeply touched by that gesture.)  He is going to send another picture with him wearing that hat.  He also said he is very glad for the gator because the one he had freezes if he is outside more than about fifteen minutes, and this one is much warmer.

All the mail for the English team apparently goes to one postal box.  One of the other teachers saw this box, took it home, and wrapped the whole thing in Christmas paper so that Andrew would have something to unwrap at Christmas.  (Which I also thought was very kind!)  So--this morning he sent this picture to my phone. My Christmas was made.

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