Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Fave Five, 3/28/14

Link to Friday's Fave Five

1. The women of our church fed the teachers soup on Tuesday as a thank-you.  Very kind.  And - an unexpected gift - anonymous - was in my box on another day, expressing appreciation for the years of teaching at our Christian school. Maybe that person is reading this - if so, thank you!!

2. I've discovered that our nearby Bi-Lo grocery puts mark-down vegetables on a cart in the produce section on Saturday mornings.  And--they are still really quite nice.  So I made creamed corn last Saturday--one of Mike's favorites--with fresh corn.  In March!!  He really liked it.

3. My colleague Matt gave a fantastic presentation to my junior English students on The Great Gatsby.  That's a book that you want to teach carefully, and he was a big help.

4. Got a nice video from my son.  Here is the link to him teaching his Chinese students.

5. I have not slept well this week but have had some nice times reading, praying, and thinking in the middle of the night.  That made it a good week.


Barbara H. said...

I wonder how many grocery stores do that. Here a lot of times some of the produce doesn't look so good in the first place, much less marked down.

Those thank-yous are so thoughtful!

I haven't read Gatsby - I've heard just enough about it to wonder whether I should. Glad you had some good help with it.

Susanne said...

We have a couple of grocery stores that do that too and there's some good deals to be had on produce that can be really good still.

Technology is wonderful when you can see your son doing his teaching from so far away. And what a nice thing to show appreciation to you that anonymous gift is. So nice to have all your hard work noticed.

Willow said...

Those hours in the night when you can't sleep are the best hours for praying. It doesn't make the next day easy, but those prayers in the wee sma' hours are so important.

I love it when my out of country son skypes with us-- technology is great!

It's also great to have some recognition for the work you do with your students.

Mia said...

How wonderful that your faithful teaching was acknowledged. :o) So glad you and your colleague are teaching the next generation of Christian thinkers so thoughtfully- my high school English teacher never shied away from challenging topics both literary and ethical and for that I am very grateful.

I'll have to check local stores for those great deals! I bet that produce is great for soups and jams!