Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday's Fave Five, 4-4-14

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1. We had a very nice brunch last Sunday for my mom's milestone birthday.  All my siblings and some family members were here:  my sister from Texas, my sister from Alabama, and my brother from Georgia.  Here all are watching my nephew (off to the side) open his presents as he has a birthday this week also.  It was a nice occasion to celebrate the birthdays.

2. Leftovers all week from the party, so I did not have to cook!!

3. A LONG night of sleep Wednesday night.  I laid down at 7:30 and slept until 5:45 the next morning!  Much needed.

4. Three students "pranked" my room with Clemson stuff on April Fool's Day (knowing we are Carolina Gamecocks fans).  So yesterday I created a poster of each one, gluing a Gamecock hat on a picture of each, and declaring how much they love Carolina.  Then I put the posters into the glass-fronted bulletin board in the hallway that I take care of, where the whole school could see them.  It was good fun on both sides.  April Fooling was in the air.

5. A good doctor's report for my husband this morning about a couple of issues.  That is always good news.

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Barbara H. said...

I love when there are leftovers from an event that will do for meals for a while.

That kind of April fooling sounds fun.

Glad your husband's dr. report came back with good results.

Susanne said...

A good doctor's report is always a relief and definitely a favorite! Sounds like you have lots of fun at your school. Love the new header you have up with your daughter.

Willow said...

Good health news is always the best!

Your students sound like so much fun. But I'm glad you were able to prank them back :)

Happy Birthday to your mom!