Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Ups and Downs

Since I never made it for a Friday's Fave Five last week. . .

UP - Last Thursday I stopped at the Office Outlet that is closing its doors in the shopping center by my school.  They used to sell mailers for $.70 apiece, which was a quarter or more less than anywhere else.  When they began going out of business, they sold them for half price, so I bought a lot.  Some new people have bought out the business and are unloading everything.  I asked about a box of 50+ mailers of the most-used size, and the lady said "How about $5.00 for all?"  Trying not to give away anything (learned from Mike) I asked for two boxes.  That's 112 mailers for $10.  Don't know when I'll ever sell that many books.

UP - An easier week due to achievement testing.

UP AND DOWN - Mike just found out he has to work 12-hour shifts in the control room all week.  Nice for the paycheck, but it always, always happens that when I have an easier week, he has a harder one, and vice versa.

UP FROM A DOWN - Last Monday morning, right about now, Mike and I both came down with the stomach bug.  It hit fast; it hit hard; it hit for a long time.  It was no 24-hour stomach bug.  I had to miss three days of work; he had to basically forfeit three days of vacation.  It took the better part of the week to feel better.  But we are both fine now.

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