Monday, April 21, 2014

Flash the Cash

My dad says that if you really want something, at your price, flash the cash.

I've seen it work before.  About ten years ago, there was a nice Singer sewing machine, in a cabinet and with a chair, for $200 at a nearby yard sale.  I didn't have that much at the time, but knew that the woman selling it was moving that afternoon.  So I took a chance that it wouldn't sell, and went back late that afternoon, with $120 in six 20-dollar bills.  The machine was already on the truck, but accessible at the back end.  I spread the money out in front of her, and said "If you'll take this, I'll take the sewing machine off your hands."  The sight of that cash was all it took--she immediately said yes.  And it was a perfect purchase.  I've used it a great deal, and also ML has used it often over the years, both for sewing projects and mending jobs.  She thanked me not long ago for teaching her to sew, as so many of her friends have no idea how to do a simple mending job.

I tried it again this morning.  I need to go to a gym for two months to get my knee strengthened and get some endurance on an elliptical, for a trip I may be taking this summer.  Usually those gyms get you in on the long-term plans, and that's all they'll talk with you about.  Maybe in the future that will work, but right now all I want is two months.  So I asked for the owner, who knows me from a past membership, and told him that I was going straight to the top (him) to get a two-month deal.  Of course he said "You don't want two months--too expensive.  Let me talk with you about a longer-term plan."  So I flashed the cash.  Three 20-dollar bills.  He looked at it, hesitated, and said "Okay, I'll do it for you."  And I have a two-month membership.  Maybe in the future a long-term one will work, but for now this is perfect.

Flash the cash!

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