Thursday, October 30, 2014

Old Wilds Days

I went through some old photo albums and scanned a number of pictures, because The Wilds is having "Classic November" where they will upload old pics to their FB page.  These really brought back memories.

This was junior camp - a CITer was my assistant that week - and we only had four little campers that week.  It was a great week, even in an old-fashioned birdhouse.  Campers today have no idea how much nicer their camp experience is.

One summer was a Hatfields/McCoys theme, so for the the staff dinner we had a "pig-pickin" instead of the usual steak meal.  I went the night before to help process the pig.  The head second from left is mine.  Somewhere is a picture of me holding the two kidneys, removed right from the pig, but it has disappeared somewhere in the succeeding years.

Camp kids - always precious.  This was during one of my receptionist summers.  Both of these toddlers are now grown men with families of their own.
These old Wilds memories are precious.  I learned much during that time about character, sacrifice, and doing whatever needed to be done to keep the ministry going.  It was a time of great friendships, great opportunities, and lots of immersion in spiritual matters.  


rk2 said...

Many great memories from the Wilds! Are the two boys a Stoner and a Stratton?

Ann said...

Yes they are! And in the right order also.