Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Misc.

--I'm doing verb tenses with the younger classes right now.  We were using the verb "see," and when I said "Okay, what's the plural of "you see"--one boy said "Y'all see."  Kinda hard to explain that one to southern boys. . .

--Monday night when Mike came in from work he said "There's a hawk in the yard."  It was almost tame - was in no hurry to fly off, and was not afraid of me coming out with the binoculars.  It was a red-shouldered hawk, which is labeled in the bird book as being uncommon for our area.  I had it marked as a "maybe" on my life list, so it was nice to confirm a sighting of it.

--I also put the feeders up on Monday.  The birds have yet to discover them, but it usually takes a few days.  There was a chickadee there this afternoon.  It may be a little early to put up the feeders, and I may regret the amount of birdseed it will take to keep them filled up for the next eight months or so--but no, in the long run I will not regret it.

--I went to watch the first game of the World Series with my dad last night.  I couldn't stay except for about half the game, but it was nice to watch some of it with him.  It's exciting this year with Kansas City in it.  That team has never been on our radar, but it's always nice to see an underdog, low-budget team do well against all those high powered teams!

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