Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shawls and Hats

This morning I met with a local ladies' church group that sent a shawl and about 35 hats with me to China last summer.  This group meets twice a month to crochet these items as a group, and then give them away to whomever they think would be encouraged by them, to remind these people that they are being remembered in prayer.  Right now they are working hard on hats to give away at the Thanksgiving meal they prepare for people of the neighborhood each year.  (This is at a 100-year-old small inter-city church in our town.)  I teach the daughter of one of the members of the group, which is how they found out about the trip and sent some hats with me.

They wanted to hear how it went, and were glad to see the pictures of the people who received them.  Elsie (above) got the shawl, and a hat for herself and for her husband.  And the little blind girl got a pretty pink one.  The rest of the hats will be distributed through the coffee shop where contacts are made and channeled in Andrew's city.

This is a good outreach by some very nice ladies who desire to be an encouragement and blessing to people wherever and whenever they can.  In about a month they will have made shawl #1000, and many more hats.  That's quite an accomplishment.   

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Barbara H. said...

What a neat ministry! I'm glad you go to show them where some of the fruits of their labor went.