Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday's Fave Five, 10/10/14

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1. As written about on the previous post, I got to go to Illinois this past weekend for my Aunt Catherine's funeral.  It's always good to reconnect with family and friends, and I don't get a lot of opportunities to do so.  The midwest in October is beautiful.  Wish I'd gotten more photos of the harvest.  Someone here at school said "Did it look kind of like Denver Downs?" (DD is a nearby large diversified farm in a typical South Carolina valley, surrounded by woods and a pond.)  No, son, it looked nothing like that.  Imagine thousands and thousands (millions and millions?) of flat acres of Denver Downs, with people running huge combines, working as hard as they can to get the corn crop in.  It's a beautiful sight, especially to one who doesn't get to see it every year.

2. My folks and I had good flights to and from Chicago-Midway, and were able to wait with my sister who was waiting for her flight to Dallas.

3. We ate at Penn Station.  I finally found out what all the fuss about Penn Station is about, Rhoda!!  :-) And yes, it was very good - a sub sandwich place with very good bread and very good options.

4. I made it through this week fine, without the fatigue that sometimes comes after a whirlwind trip like this one.

5. Those who remember my China presentation remember the story of the little blind girl whose mother was expecting her second child when I was there.  Well, during the night last night, Andrew sent me a picture on WeChat of the new baby.  (Fortunately I was wide awake and therefore it did not wake me up.)  Here is the precious little sister of the blind girl.  Is that not the cutest picture!!!             
According to Andrew, right now the mother is on her "month of recuperation," an official Chinese time when she has no responsibilities in society and also receives no visitors.  But he has been talking with her on her phone.  I wish there were some way to give her a present, but it's not practical to mail anything to China.  Maybe I can send something back with him in January.


Barbara H. said...

I'm glad all the traveling went well for your trip and you weren't too tired from it this week.

What a cute little baby! I was just reading an article someone posted on FB about other countries having a longer recuperation time for new mothers than we do here.

Susanne said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like it was very busy for you with all the travel involved. Love the harvest time. I'd never heard of Denver Downs. I'll have to google some images. Sweet picture of a beautiful little babe.

Willow said...

Loss and birth--a sad time and a happy time. I love that you found positive things in the loss, too. And yes, that little sister is adorable!