Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trip to Illinois

When a funeral is held for a lady who lived a wonderful life, had a joyful spirit that everyone loved and appreciated, was ready to go, and who died quietly and peacefully in her sleep, it is an occasion for joy and remembrance more than great sorrow and sadness.

I was privileged to attend my Aunt Catherine's funeral in Illinois this weekend, and it was that kind of service.  She was a great lady.  She reared seven children, and followed her husband around the world on his adventures in the agricultural world.  (During his tenure in Washington DC, she got to volunteer at the White House during the Reagan and Bush administrations.)  She was the epitome of an example of being a support to one's husband.  

She smiled all the time.

I was glad to go to honor her and her life, and also to reconnect with family and friends who are much loved.

And, the cornfields are beautiful right now, and I loved seeing the harvest.  Everyone needs to see the midwest in October.


Nog Blog said...

It was so good of you to come and I enjoyed the time we got to visit together. Mom would have been so humbled at the accolades she received. (But I have to agree, she was a pretty great lady!)

clevekath said...

Ann, I don't too often go to your Blog but today, for some reason, I was moved to go there. Perhaps it has been prayers that have lifted me up since my mom died because I have not shed a single tear. Until this morning... when I read your wonderful tribute to mom. It made me finally cry.
Thanks so much for the effort and time to come to Illinois for the services.

Ann said...

Cleve - thanks so much for your kind words. Didn't mean to tear anyone up, but glad the post was a blessing to you!!!