Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Fave Five 11/7/14

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1. Very thankful for the outcome of Tuesday's elections.  God is in control of our country, and we can never stop asking Him for direction and protection; however, it was SO nice to see that the people of this great nation see the same problems that need to be corrected in Washington.

2. My eighth graders are coming along great in their choric speaking presentation for our Veterans' Day chapel.  I got the powerpoint completed a couple of days ago.  I had to make two corrections:  Had used a slide of Ben Franklin for what I thought was Patrick Henry.  The students quickly noticed that and pointed it out.  They also noticed something else:  One slide, for a generic slide needed of a stadium, was of Yankee Stadium.  That will not do.  This morning I replaced it with one of Fenway Park in Boston.

The slides along the left of this post are all taken from the powerpoint presentation.

3. Last Friday night we had a wonderful evening with dear friends for over 30 years - always good to be in contact with them!

4. And last Saturday night we had a wonderful evening with dear friends here in town, to watch the football game.  Our team handed away a two-touchdown lead in the last two minutes of the game (that is the third time that they've done it this season, so that was pathetic - but at least the fellowship was nice.

5. Just got a text from Mike.  The repair man came today and the gas line for our extra heater has been repaired, and he's fixed the broken eye on the stove.  (Last Sunday I tried to turn on one of the burners, and the switch completely broke off.  Fortunately it was off when that happened.)  Mike is so good about fixing things as quickly as possible.  I am very appreciative!!


Jerralea said...

It's a great blessing to have a husband who gets things fixed right away! My hubby does pretty good; I'm used to my dad, when I was growing up, saying he had to let a project "age."

I'm thankful for the way elections turned out, too. I'm praying our leaders have wisdom and are able to correct some things in Washington that need fixing.

Times with friends are so special - and it's even more special when they are long-time friends.

Joyful said...

I too am thankful for God's protection over us. Without getting too political, I'm thankful people woke up this time.
I love Veterans Day! I enjoy telling the Vets how much I appreciate their service to my freedom! They always GLOW with pride. :)
Here's to spending time with long time friends! How sweet it is.
Hope you have a very blessed weekend!

Kathie said...

The students in my school always recited "In Flanders Fields" for Remembrance Day.

Sounds like you had some special times with friends - always a blessing!

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like your students are good editors. :-)

I am grateful for a husband who takes care of getting things fixed around the house, too.

All your visits sound fun!

I am grateful for the election results, too. We had one here on an amendment I was very surprised about but very glad for.

Susanne said...

We have such a privilege in yours and my country of being able to pray for and go vote for our leaders. Tuesday is our Remembrance Day. I'm sure the services will draw more of a crowd this year to remember our vets and soldiers in light of the tragedies that happened a couple of weeks ago in Canada.