Monday, November 10, 2014

Twenty-Six Years Ago

Twenty-six years ago today was Andrew's due date.  I remember waking up that morning and feeling kinda odd.  No real pain, just a strange feeling.  I thought about not going in to school, but Mike reminded me that, if this were not the real thing, I would feel really strange having to go back to school for more days if this baby didn't come.

I went to school and taught, sitting on a stool, for two periods--then, at chapel time, told the secretary I was going to the hospital, one block away, to get checked just to make sure everything was OK.  Turns out my blood pressure was high and they kept me to lie on one side and then walk, walk, walk, to try to get things going.

The doctor came in later and decided to really get things going.  (This is being written with the "TMI" principle in mind.)  Anyway, at 7:30 that night, after a difficult breech birth - Andrew Hamilton had arrived.  Our lives have never been the same - Children (both him and his sister) profoundly changed us.  They always do and they always will.

It's hard to believe that Andrew is on the other side of the world for his second straight birthday.  But, no matter where he is physically, I will forever remember the events of this day, in 1988, and remember the day that I became a mom.

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