Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 1/2/15

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1. Last night my daughter got a HUGE buck as well as a second one that was good-sized also.  It makes a great story.  She's been wanting one badly all year as she has never gotten a large one.  Mike and she decided to go one last time, last night.  So, in the last ten minutes of the season, she killed a 190 pound buck with a 22 1/2 inch spread.  That is huge, especially for a buck in our state.  Mike let his Canada hunting buddies know about it, and they said that that is a huge spread even for Canadian bucks.  So she is reveling in her success, and Mike is as excited as if he got it.

2. This morning I came in from running a couple of errands to see Mike and Andrew out back washing the cars.  Very nice!

3. Also very nice just to have Andrew around.  He's in and out a lot, seeing people, but just knowing he's on our side of the ocean for awhile is wonderful for a mother's heart.

4. My side of the family was at our home for Christmas dinner last Saturday.  All but a couple of nieces were here - and both of them have precious little ones that we missed seeing.  But it was a nice meal, both here and at my folks' for dessert and presents later on.  One sister stayed until Tuesday, which was really nice.

5. I made my yearly trip to the outlet mall about 45 minutes from here, on Monday.  Got a pair of shoes that I had been told was discontinued, but apparently was not.  The pair I already have of the same style feels wonderful on my feet, so I was very glad to get a second pair for when these wear out.  You know you are middle-aged when finding a comfortable shoe matters more than finding a fashionable one.  :-)

Happy New Year!


Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to your daughter! Wow! I wish I lived close enough, I'd offer to buy some venison.

I can imagine how nice it feels to have Andrew home.

I know what you mean abut shoes. That's neat that you could find the same style you like.

Willow said...

I'm totally impressed that your daughter shot that buck!
I know the wonderful feeling of having your son back on the same continent after a long time--my #2 son is back, hopefully permanently.