Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some Memorabilia

I'm cleaning through old photos, trying to get the amount of "stuff" on my hard drive down.  Here are some from the past.  There may be more!!

This was a beach trip.  They had so much fun with those boogie boards on that trip.  It was 2000--I remember because it was the same summer as my neck surgery.  We stayed on the inland waterway in a house - in the evening we would go down to the dock.  The kids would go crabbing and fishing and we'd stay out until dark.  Then we would come in and watch old sitcoms until about midnight.  Wonderful memories of that vacation.

I don't even remember this one until seeing it today.  Cute little boy!!

And this was a cute little girl's first beach trip!!  She actually loved it and we would have to stop her from running right into the ocean.  She had no fear.

Didn't really mean to have all the ocean references.  Here was a recital with a cruise ship theme.  They did such a good job!!

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