Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Fave Five 2/27/15

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1. The snow day that wasn't.  Supposedly we were to get anywhere between 3-8" of snow.  All the stations, all the models, were forecasting that much.  Schools called the day off the night before.  And--we were right on the dividing line.  The temperature was 2 degrees above freezing.  So, we expected to wake up to a winter wonderland, and instead woke up to - a little frost and minimal ice.  Mostly a cold rain.  I graded papers most of the day and got 3 1/2 sets out of 4 completed - including poetry projects and book reports.

2. A pot of cheeseburger soup.  Mom sent it home with me on Tuesday night, and it was nice not to have to cook.

3. A tight roof, plenty of blankets, gas logs and a heat pump, food in the refrigerator.  Simple things for which we are not grateful enough, especially on cold, wet winter days.

4. A great day in church last Sunday.  Our assistant pastor preached a great message, and the missionaries who came that night gave a sweet program with many memories for our church people who had visited them on two separate missions trips.  We went home, as did many others who commented later, refreshed and filled.

5. Birds are eating me out of house and home!  I found a 50-pound bag of sunflower seeds last weekend at a feed store, for a great price - and may have to get another bag within the next week!  I enjoy watching them.


Barbara H. said...

We had the opposite happen Wed. night - I knew snow was forecast but wasn't expecting much, and woke up to our biggest snowfall yet here. I've been extremely thankful for warmth at the push of a button and a secure shelter and not losing power.

Love when someone sends or brings food. :-)

nikkipolani said...

I had to smile at Barbara's comment about bringing food. I immediately thought about those happy birds who must be loving your sunflower seeds!

Hamburger soup sounds delicious -- I'm looking that one up.

Susanne said...

We love hamburger and cheeseburger soup in our family! Bet it tasted even better not having to make it yourself! You got a lot accomplished with that "snow" day. They very rarely call a snow day here even though it might be blizzarding and dumping tons of snow! Sometimes they close off a certain main highway due to visibility or extremely dangerous ice but the cities are still up and running. #3 those are all wonderful blessings that sometimes we just take for granted. Thanks for the reminder!

Willow said...

Well done on the paper correcting! I managed 1/2 of 1 set today :(
And isn't it great to have a 'snow' day?
Your list of simple, basic things is right on!