Saturday, February 28, 2015

Credibility = Integrity

This little pic made the rounds of Facebook this week.  Locals know that our "huge" snowstorm turned out to be . . . a cold rain.  With maybe a tiny bit of sleet mixed in.  So people chuckled at this.

But -- it is a sad picture also, as are the similar ones I've seen of the same man, with other funny captions.  Because, in the space of a couple of weeks, Brian Williams has gone from being a respected news anchor to being a laughingstock in the nation.  All because he had a need to exaggerate details about his career - a career that was stellar and needed no embellishment.

The fact remains that without integrity, a person's credibility is deeply hurt, and his good reputation is lost.  And it doesn't take much dishonesty for a person to lose credibility.  Honesty is everything, in a person's career or in his personal relationships.   I guess Brian Williams sees that more clearly now.

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