Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 3/6/15

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1. This first Friday's Fave Five is a little different.  Sometimes a blogger wonders if people actually read her blog or if it's really just serving as a personal journal.  Well, last Saturday in the store, I ran into my dear friend and former colleague Barbie, and we were having one of those grocery-aisle chats - when she said "I always enjoy seeing if you put up a Friday's Fave Five each week."  Well, Barbie - here's FFF, and here's a shout-out to you.  I appreciate you!!!  :-)

2. We had to go to the dentist this week in Greenville, and stopped at a new restaurant afterward.  It was an Italian restaurant - I'm not always crazy about Italian (except for Carrabba's) :-) but this was great!!  

3. Also at the dentist - I was expecting to hear I needed a crown, and maybe even a root canal, on a cracked tooth.  Turns out it is cracked at a filling line, and the dentist thinks he can fix it by refilling it.  That's a wonderful relief.

4. Monday night we made a quick trip to the farm ponds that are a main area for birdwatching in our area.  It turned out to be too late to see the goose that was supposed to be there, but Mike said "Let's stay and see the ducks go to roost."  I've never seen anything like that before.  It happens right at dusk, and the flock rises as one.  There were three separate flocks on the pond, so they flew up separately.  Who knows what the trigger is - maybe an alpha male, or something we don't know.  Anyway - they fly up in a big circle, and then fly to whereever their roosting place is for the night.  It was beautiful!!

5. And - great news that I just got - Mike passed his annual exam!!  He completed it a couple of hours ago, and it's always a big relief to get that text from him that says "I passed!!"  It's a huge deal.  A four-hour-long test.  His study materials filled one and a half copy-paper boxes.  I'm very proud of him for his success at it!


Barbara H. said...

Great news about the tooth. I just finished the last of three appointments for a bridge (not including the one with the oral surgeon for extraction) and having to avoid any of that extensive work would be a blessing.

Congratulations to Mike! I can't even fathom having to study that much and take a test that long any more.

Watching the ducks roost sounds fascinating.

Susan said...

Finding out that someone is reading your posts is indeed a blessing. And how nice you got to hear that in person. . . . I have concluded that my blog is a personal journey blog and hopefully someday my kiddos and grand kiddos will read it and be amazed at my wisdom and creativity.

Hurray for getting the tooth done and mush cheaper than you expected.

Italian food is not my favourite either. How fun that the restaurant you tried turned out to be a good fit. That was a good day for you!

Karen said...

Good news from the dentist is a huge blessing in my book. Congratulations to your son on passing the exam.

I enjoy bird watching. It would have been lovely to see the geese!

Susanne said...

Congrats to Mike on passing the test! A big relief I'm sure! #1 made me smile. Glad there was good news at the dentist. The duck roosting would have been something to see! Nature always amazes me with the creativity of God!