Wednesday, March 11, 2015



I went for a filling this morning, knowing that Tooth #29 was cracked between the tooth and the old filling.  Dentist thought he could fix it with a new filling.

He drilled.  And drilled.  And I could feel it even with three novocain shots.  Turns out the decay was worse than he expected.  Down to the pulp.  Inevitable root canal.  It has to be soon or I will have pain.

Then will come a crown.  Oh, and there's not enough tooth left to support a crown, so a post will be needed in the tooth.

Ouch.  Not only in my mouth, but in my calendar (three appointments coming up) and wallet also.

Trite statement, but one that works:  It is what it is!!

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Barbara H. said...

Having just finished several appointments and oral surgery for a bridge, I sympathize! As much as I chafed at it, there was nothing to do but go through the process.