Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 3/13/15

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1. Well, I can't be thankful for a successful filling, as mentioned on last week's FFF that that would be all that was needed to repair a crack in a tooth.  The problem was much worse than originally indicated.  So, instead, I can be thankful for modern dentistry, that will be able to repair the tooth with a root canal, a post in the remaining tooth, and a crown. 

2. Very thankful for my daughter's best friend, who is also an accomplished hairdresser, who gave me "the works" yesterday.  She gives a mean haircut, as well as a nice highlight job, one that doesn't deny my gray hairs, but definitely tones them down!

3. I had an efficient week at school.  I got a lot accomplished, complete with getting ALL the junior research papers graded, as well as five sets of tests.  And I only have six senior journals to go.

4. Daughter and I had a fun morning last Saturday, last minute deciding to hit the yard sales.  There were only a few, but the first and last ones we went to were like hitting the jackpot, especially for her.  I'm always grateful for the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with her.  We don't get the chance very often.

5. I love this bulletin board.  It's by a mysterious author who goes by the initials d.a.w.  He puts four-line poems in a magazine I used to subscribe to, and they are always very witty.  In case it's not real visible, it goes like this:  "Springtime showers hang around / To see if they can drown the ground. / Resourcefully, the garden copes / By raising little yellow periscopes."  Very clever!  And very adaptable to a bulletin board.


Barbara H. said...

If I lived closer, I'd be seeking out your daughter's friend for "the works." I haven't been entirely satisfied with my haircuts for a long time.

Wow, that's a lot of grading!

Love the daffodils poem and bulletin board!

Ann said...

Barbara - if you ever get over this way, I'll set you up with her!!

nikkipolani said...

Your new favorite hairdresser did a nice job!

Susan said...

Hurray for modern dentistry and getting your mouth-needs all sorted out.

I don't get enough one-on-one time with my daughter either. So I can imagine how wonderful it was to spend that time with her AND have a successful garage sale experience.

And hurray on seeing the light at the end of the grading tunnel. I hope your Sunday is one of refreshment.

Susanne said...

"The works" turned out great! Funny how three of us wrote of dental related things. Yay for getting things accomplished at work...hopefully now you can have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Karen said...

Love the poem! How clever:)

It's not quite yard sale season where I live, but the weather has been warm enough that I can feel them coming! Love a good yard sale:)

I saw my hairdresser earlier this week and she gave me 'the works.' It's amazing what a good cut will do, isn't it?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Ann.

Faith said...

yay for good hair stylists and color!! How fun to have a yard sale date with your daughter and yay for productive work weeks. Enjoy the rest of the Sabbath day!

Willow said...

Love your mystery bulletin board! That adds so much for the usual school day routine.
Your hair looks great! Does your daughter's friend do cross country house calls? Don't I wish!
And hurray for efficient weeks!