Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 5/29/15

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1. Exams are graded, high averages calculated, nothing left but awards and graduation.  Always a nice feeling to be DONE with all of that.  At the end of the year, I taught To Kill A Mockingbird to the juniors, and found this comic, which I put on their exam.  I thought it was funny.

2. I have a lot of energy right now and am putting it to good use, cleaning out closets as well as taking care of several projects at school.  Who knows - when the adrenalin collapses, it's gone - but until then I will try to make the best use of it.

3. The gym has been seeing me lately.  When Gold's dropped their prices considerably (think, "Planet Fitness came to town"), I decided to join back even with having an elliptical out back here at home.  And after five visits I can already tell a difference in my bad knee.  It's stronger, it doesn't bother me as much, and is not nearly as painful.  I hope to get it to the point of being able to do other things like walking the treadmill eventually.  I do not go every day, but every other or every third one, in hopes of not overdoing and setting it back, as that would mean starting over.  I stay on the elliptical until the first sign of pain, then transfer to the sitting elliptical and go awhile longer.

4. The "garden" (a few tomato, squash, and cucumber plants) is looking better, thanks to the good rain we had the other night.  The thought of good vegetables from the back yard is a good one.

5. Reservation is made for a place for our 30th-anniversary getaway!


Barbara H. said...

I had seen that comic either on Pinterest or Facebook recently - funny!

I know what you mean about adrenaline. When I get those cleaning/sorting urges, I try to take advantage of them.

Good for you for getting back into the gym. Do you do specific exercises for your knee, or does just using the elliptical help it? I've been having some issues with mine - don't know the underlying cause yet. I hate to think about going to a gym because of the extra time involved, plus having to dress for it (at home I just exercise in whatever I have on, usually dresses, sometimes pjs. :-) ) But then all the equipment they have tempts me. Do they have people there who can show you how to use it or advise which would be best for what you want to work on?

aspiritofsimplicity said...

good for you getting to the gym. I am going to start my walking routine again next week.

Susanne said...

I definitely have to take advantage of those adrenaline surges! Glad you're getting some good things accomplished. Glad to hear that your knee is getting stronger. I only go to the gym three times a week and it makes a great difference. Yay for better pricing. Exciting anniversary plans!

Willow said...

Oh yes, the post end of school adrenaline and euphoria. I'm still enjoying it! I hope I don't lose momentum until AFTER the whole house is cleaned.
I don't have a gym membership, but I'm often tempted--it's just that our weather is so perfect most of the year, I spend time outdoors walking and have a 2 day a week group meet up for a workout--hate to spend the $.

rk2 said...

Good job on the gym. I have a trainer one day a week. When I had to re-up I called it a luxurious necessity. I get way more out of the gym knowing how to do different things and how to do them correctly.