Monday, June 29, 2015

30 Years Celebrated

We've just returned from a week at Litchfield Beach, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.  For years I have said that, after we retire, I'd like a MONTH at a beach place, on the ocean.  Off-season would be fine.  I always said it more as a "pipe dream" rather than a true request.  About a month ago Mike told me he'd found a place - couldn't swing it for more than a week, but would I be happy with that as an anniversary celebration?  Would I?!!

So even though the temperatures were way hotter than normal, we had a lovely time celebrating the ocean right outside our back door.

Here we are at the Conch Cafe, a place we discovered the first night and went back later in the week.  We sat on the porch and had a great ocean view.

View to the right from our deck:

The last day, ML came down to enjoy the ocean, as well as Mike's sister and her husband.  We enjoyed the solitude earlier in the week, and we enjoyed their company the last day as well.

Thirty years!  I am thankful for a wonderful vacation celebrating that milestone.


Dianna said...

What a special hubby you have to have come up with this special way to celebrate 30 years of marriage!

Ann said...

Dianna, you are right!! Thank you for the comment!