Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 7/3/15

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No pics - I'm on my husband's computer as mine is being retooled by our IT guy at school.  I can't figure out how to save pics straight from the internet, and really don't want to be putting pics on his computer, so. . .no pics today.


1. Here is a link to the post about our great vacation to Litchfield Beach, from which we returned last Saturday.  It was a lovely way to celebrate 30 years of marriage.  

2. Right now I am cooking up a pot of yellow squash for a casserole for Sunday - all of it from our garden.  My folks picked about half a dozen squash while we were gone, which were still good, and I've gotten some more this week.  Now, the term "garden" does not mean what it does to some people.  But getting that much squash from our four plants thus far is a good thing.

3. Rain, rain, and more rain.  The last two days have been great.  It's been so hot, and so dry, that we are very glad for every drop.   I am cleaning out my desk, oiling the sewing machine, getting clothes out of the closet for a yard sale, going through books, getting ready to go through the filing cabinet. . .all those things that need to be done, and don't get done, and are good jobs for rainy days.

4. Doing well at the gym.  Unfortunately, the lower back issues are kicking in again, as I tried a couple of days on the treadmill, and did 20 minutes each time.  I just can't do the treadmill.  Elliptical works so much better.  But I've had two good workouts this week and anticipate (well, maybe that's not the right verb) another this afternoon.

5. This morning, during the rain, Mike and I drove out to a backwater area he comes through on his way home from work, and looked for birds.  Then we drove to another place that is known in this area for birding.  Yes, we sound like old people.  But we saw three great blue herons and five great egrets along the way.  And about a dozen brilliant goldfinches, as well as a beautiful blue grosbeak, which is a little more unusual.  It would have been a great morning had someone not insisted that she knew we were going the right direction from one place to the other, on a circular route, and felt very confident as she is usually better at reading maps than the driver, so he usually defers to her on this.  But this time he was right and she was wrong.  So we drove twenty miles out of the way, and "she" had to eat a little humble pie.  :-)

Happy Fourth of July!!


Karen said...

Congratulations on your 30th! What a lovely way to celebrate. You certainly had a beautiful view of the ocean from your place. That would be my choice for how to spend a week, too.

I've had an abundance of yellow squash, too. It didn't occur to me to make a casserole. I'll have to look through some recipes, that sounds really good. I usually just stir fry mine, but you can only eat it so many times that way!

Have a good week, Ann.

Faith said...

congrats on your 30th anniversary! my hubby and i just had our 25th on june 30 and are celebrating here in Chatham on cape cod for 8 glorious days! our 2 daughters will join us half way through next week. right now the youngest, 16, is stayingmwith the gramdparents in plymouth county . its fun to get away isnt it??

I hope you have a marvelous weekend!!

Dianna said...

Hello Ann. I clicked on the link and went over to read about how you celebrated your 30th wedding anniversary! What a special guy you have there to make your "pipe dream" a reality..,

We've been having a LOT of rain, so we are grateful for the sunshiny days. :)

I'd love to go "birding" with you!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Susanne said...

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary! What a lovely trip to celebrate such a milestone! I would love to go looking for birds in that area. It's so much fun finding a bird you've never seen before.

Barbara H. said...

We don't really have the time or space fr a large garden (tried it years agO0, but we do eat a lot of summer squash and I have thought of trying it in a couple of containers.

I have not tried an elliptical. I have balance issues that make a treadmill a little hard to manage and the last time I tried a stationary bike it made my lower back ache. I may try an elliptical some time to see how it does. Good for you for being regular about it.

We're enjoying the rain as well. Thankfully it stopped while Jim was grilling last night. The neighbors are hosting an annual 4th of July cookout for the cul-de-sac, so hopefully the rain will hold out for that as well.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

great faves even without pictures. Happy Fourth!

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I'm jealous for your rain! Happy anniversary! How nice to celebrate together with vacation.

Willow said...

I accidentally clicked on the wrong link and wrote a comment and published to 'create a link' so somewhere out in etherland there is a comment link to this page.
Loved your 'humble pie' story. I'm the navigator in our car too although HE is a great map and directions guy.
Your visit to Litchfield Beach sounds wonderful. I had to google it to find out where it is as I hadn't heard of it before (although my parents lived in SC for a couple of years.)