Thursday, August 6, 2015

And So It Begins

I've been going to school for the last couple of days, working on bulletin boards.  Some years it's easy to go in early and get things done.  Other years I just can't do it.  This was an easy year.  (This cartoon of Billy reading a book fits many of the students. They are not readers like they used to be.  One of my goals is to find ways to make them appreciate reading.)
I've discovered Staples Copy Center.  I can email them something downloaded off the internet, and get a 3' x 3' blow-up, black and white, for a very reasonable price.  It doesn't take much color added to have a nice bulletin board piece without much work.  All three of these were done that way.  The bottom picture is actually on a wall.  That is my classroom theme, and particularly in the younger classes, we say it often.  But I got an improved picture of it this summer,  then highlighted the words using different colored markers.
The advantage of using Staples:  It is much faster to get bulletin boards done.  I believe that a room should look attractive and that bulletin boards should be updated regularly to keep interest up.  Just wish there was more time to work on it.

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