Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday's Fave Five 8/7/15

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1. Andrew and I returned home safely from a marathon trip to Roswell, GA, today.  We took the school mini-bus to pick up 250 new textbooks that were being hard-bound for us at a bindery.  It should have been an easy trip - two hours down, pick up the books, eat lunch, two hours back.  We ended up in standstill traffic for two hours and an up-and-down detour on side roads.  The trip down took five hours.  We ended up not getting back until 5 p.m. (left at 9 a.m.).  But - the books are picked up, we had no bus difficulties and no accidents, and enjoyed the trip in spite of the heat and the difficulties.

2. The pool is almost ready to swim in.  (Right before I have to go back to school!) Mike and Andrew have worked very hard to get it ready.  It's been in the worst shape ever, but they've gotten it going.  

3. I got some new sheets last weekend.  I had found some on the L.L. Bean website - a beautiful blue print, perfect for what I wanted.  But - brace yourself - a set of queen-size sheets with two extra pillowcases would have cost $200.  Not justifiable in my book.  And then I saw an almost identical set of 100% cotton sheets, with extra pillowcases for purchase also, at Target.  $65 on sale.  A $10 iPhone coupon you could get instantly.  A $20 gift card.  Translated:  The sheets cost $35.  Almost identical to the ones from L.L. Bean.

4. Mike has discovered a beautiful arrangement of an old hymn.  Andrew is working on singing it and I am working on the accompaniment.  Maybe if we get it together right, I'll post an audio file.  :-)

5. I went to a very nice lunch yesterday with three friends from church.  It was in the home of one of them - always nice to be in someone's home - and I appreciate her doing that!  It was a nice respite right before going back to school.


Gattina said...

How nice to have a pool ! Especially when it is hot ! With your sheets you did a real bargain !

Barbara H. said...

I love deals like those you found for the sheets! The pool sounds lovely as does lunch with friends.

Susan said...

Oh, yes, please do post an audio of the hymn. It sounds like a delightful family project and one which many could enjoy and benefit from.

Oh, my what a day that was to fetch the new textbooks. Traffic is something I have little patience with but am trying to be pleasant when I encounter it (which is often since I live in a crowded city). I am so happy for you that it ended well and that you had such dear compan

Willow said...

I hope you get a few days of swimming in your pool! And isn't it great to have Andrew around to do repairs and join road trips?