Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Fave Five 8/21/15

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1. Good first week of school.  Very, very busy.  Many things to do.  But it's a good kind of busy, at least right now.

2. I've been working on a project - these ink and toner cartridges, and a lot more of them, have been just sitting in a workroom for a year, since we changed copier companies for our ministry.  They are selling very well on eBay - just needed somebody to get in there and get it done.  I've sold about half of them and have netted over $400 so far, on just a few packages.  (I never knew how expensive copier toner can be.)  It's good to be able to make a few extra bucks to keep us going.

3. Son and I are working on a special song that he is going to sing at church on Sunday.  The accompaniment is a little different than most that I do, and so far it appears that it is going to turn out really nicely.  I hope so, and also hope that God can use it to encourage people.

4. I got home in time last night to fry a bunch of deer steak for the two men currently in this house (that would be husband and son), and they were glad to get it when they got home from work.  Andrew is happy with his new job, and we are all thankful that it was provided for him.  It's a good job and will help him get financially stable - as well as being a job that will utilize his best strength, which is talking with people!

5. I love all this late summer produce.  Our tomato vines are finally churning out good tomatoes - and lots of them.  So many that I took a bag to school just to give away.  I love late summer produce, and have lately discovered how good a simple salad of tomato, avocado, lemon juice, and a drizzle of olive oil tastes.  You really don't need a heavy dressing.  We've also had a lot of grapes, as our local grocery has some right now that are wonderful.  (August is the month for grapes, at least around here.)  And I found a melon at Publix last weekend called a "sugar kiss"cantaloupe.  Delicious!!


rk2 said...

Sounds like a good week. Wish you could send some tomatoes here. I really miss garden fresh tomatoes. We bought a "dewlicious" melon at Walmart. It's really good--a bit bigger than a cantaloupe, smooth skin and bright yellow.

Barbara H. said...

So glad that school is going well so far! Hope it continues! Good for you for getting those cartridges sold. Hope the song goes well and is used by God in people's hearts. Good to hear about Andrew's job! Would love some deer steak!

nikkipolani said...

Your tomatoes are the opposite of mine -- they're finally slowing down after a hard summer's production. Glad you are enjoying all the sweetness of the season.

Deer steaks? You'll have to tell me about that! So good to hear that your son is in a stable and good job situation. Many struggle for even one of those attributes!

Susan said...

Your songs will be such a treat for the congregation. Are these ones you two composed yourself?

Hurray for finally getting time to sell the toners and cartridges. Every little bit of money does help!

You know I don't know how to attach photos either. Maybe when you do a Christmas post you can include some of your plaster ornaments. I bet they are awesome. Homemade ornaments are always so special on a tree.

Willow said...

Summer is always a great time for fresh fruits and veggies!
Congrats on selling those cartridges! It's great to recoup some of that cash.
I'm intrigued that you were in Santa Clarita and Ventura four years ago! I attended college in Santa Clarita (what is now Master's College; used to be Los Angeles Baptist College) and was married there. Lots of fond memories of Santa Clarita.