Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crazy Monday

Pool as of last week

Pool as of Saturday afternoon

Yesterday morning about this time, Mike was in a "stew."  It was his only day off this week.  The man who was supposed to fill in the pool was expected any time, but the arrangements for dirt delivery were still not certain.  The rain, that wasn't supposed to arrive until Tuesday, was now forecast to come that day, and the sky was already misting when we got up..  The only truck available to haul the dirt was so large that it was probably going to break our driveway.

He fretted.  He prayed.  I was kinda glad I had to go off to work.  

Fast forward to the end of the day.  The dirt arrived on time.  The driveway did not break.  The rain stopped.  The man was able to successfully fill in the pool.  (It took all day and was too dark to get a good picture when he got done.)  As Mike handed the man his check. . .the rain started again.  But the pool was filled in, and the best thing for the whole area now is for some rain to pack it down.

The good turn of events was probably not due to the fretting.  :-)

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Barbara H. said...

I can understand his stewing - I tend to do that, too, though I know it's the praying and not the fretting that helps.