Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Misc.

Well--if I have any readers left--it's been awhile.  It has been a combination of first-of-the-school year busy-ness, family illness, and my own bouts with back-to-back colds and bronchitis.  Been coughing for a month, but it's getting better, slowly, now.

So for a little Monday Misc.:

--The pool is about to be a thing of the past.  After years of trying to get me to sign on, Mike has finally been victorious.  It is a 20+ year old pool.  It hasn't been used much in the last few years.  It needs a lot of work, and not opening it last summer (when I went to China and had knee surgery) meant that the algae was about too much to overcome this year.  Even though we finally got rid of all the algae, the liner took the effects.  The flashing around the edges is cracking.  The fence is on its last legs.  And without the pool and fence there, we will have a much clearer view to the back of the property.  We're talking about making a nice patio/fire pit out there.  I can sign on to that.

--About ten minutes ago, Steve Spurrier just announced his retirement, effective immediately, of the Gamecocks.  Wow.  Hard to believe he's leaving in the middle of the season.  Even if it is time, he still did a lot for the team and the university, and I hope all that is not overshadowed.

--I finally got some rest this weekend.  Several weeks of sleeping while loaded up on decongestant, with Benadryl or Lortab to counteract the decongestant and keep me from coughing all night, have not led to the best rest.  I got three 9-hour nights of sleep as well as a good nap, and feel like a new woman.

--Been to the gym again, twice.  It is amazing the difference that doing three miles on a recumbent elliptical,  on a regular basis, does for my knee.

Maybe I can be a little more faithful on here again.


LynnK said...

Thank you for the uptick!

Barbara H. said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and getting more rest. My m-i-l's caregiver was sick for a couple of weeks - that cough seems to be the last thing to go.

We've talked about a pool off and on but always shied away from the upkeep it would need. The patio/fire pit sounds nice! I've been wanting a fire pit but no go yet.