Tuesday, October 13, 2015

School Days


   by Maltbie D. Babcock

Lord, let me make this rule:
To think of life as school, 
  And try my best
  To stand each test,
  And do my work
  And nothing shirk.

If weary with my book
I cast a wistful look
  Where posies grow,

  Oh, let me know
  That flowers within
  Are best to win.

These lessons thou dost give
To teach me how to live,
  To do, to bear,
  To get and share,
  To work and play
  And trust alway.

Someday the bell will sound,
Some day my heart will bound,
  As with a shout,
  That school is out,
  And, lessons done,
  I homeward run.


Beth said...

I like this! Glad you're back!

Ann said...

Thank you Beth! Hope you're doing great!! I love this poem also--especially the last verse.