Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 2/19/16

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1. Mike and I were both off last Friday through Monday.  He was actually supposed to work, but took vacation since I was going to be off.  We didn't go anywhere, but still had a good weekend.  On Friday night we went out to eat with dear friends whom we don't see as often any more, but it's always good to be with them.  And on both Saturday and Monday, we drove out to the farm ponds to see if there was anything interesting  there.  On Saturday, we watched a white goose at quite a distance, and never could decide exactly if it was a Ross's goose (rare for our area) or a snow goose.  The two are similar, but would have been easy to figure out had it been close to us.  And on Monday, we saw a big variety of ducks in the pond.

2. I made a new roast recipe last Sunday when my folks came for dinner.  It's called a Mississippi Roast, and it's all over Facebook and other places on the internet.  It's cooked in the crockpot, with an envelope of au jus mix, an envelope of Ranch dressing, some pepperoncini peppers, and a stick of butter on the top!  No water.  It was good, especially for those among us who love hotter foods.  

3. I finished crocheting this blanket, as written about earlier, and last night worked out details for it
to go to my friend in Mexico.  It does look Mexican!
 4. During a faculty prayer meeting, my dear friend ended her prayer with the words "the great crowd of saints who have gone before us."  That, along with the words "Be still my soul, the day is hastening on, / When we shall be forever with the Lord" (from the last verse of "Be Still My Soul"), have been a source of meditation to my heart this week.

5. And finally, a little lighter - I downloaded this some time ago, and had it printed onto large butcher paper at Staples for a very reasonable amount of money (black and white).  This week I pulled it out and made it into a bulletin board.  The students love it and can't believe that an "old lady" like me could be on top of texting.  Little do they know.   :-)


Faith said...

your last fave is hilarious!

i love going out to dinner with good friends! the meditation time sounds wonderful....great lyrics in that hymn for sure!

happy weekend!

Wendy said...

Enjoyed your post. I'm sure your friend will love the blanket. Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

The blanket is beautiful! The roast sounds good, but I'd have to tone it down some. I like to enjoy my food! ;)

Barbara H. said...

It's nice to have some time off to relax. That blanket does look Mexican! I have seen that text - very humorous. :)