Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 2/26/16

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1. I am getting a daughter-in-law!!  Last Friday evening my son proposed to his girlfriend...and she said YES.  Andrew has been beside himself ever since.  We are looking forward to this great event in our family!
2. The ring that Andrew gave to Teah is a family heirloom.  It was one of Mike's "picks" from his father's estate.  It's nice to know that she will be wearing a ring that has sentimental value to the family.

3. Andrew met Teah via Skype, over which they talked with each other for a year before meeting in person.  She was doing the same thing in Poland, that he was doing in China - teaching English as a means of ministry.  Andrew's best friend is Teah's sister's husband.  So Andrew and his best friend will be brothers-in-law!

4. In other news:  On Sunday, Mike was working, so Mary Lee met me at one of our favorite meat-and-three restaurants for lunch after church.  We have not seen very much of her as she has been extremely busy with the second-year evaluation program for teachers in our state system.  She and I had a lovely lunch!

5. Mike had a big test at work yesterday and passed with a 92.3%.  I'm always proud of him when he does so well on these written tests he has to take several times a year.


Susanne said...

Congratulations to your family too! Exciting times. And my daughter is also wearing her grandmother's (my mom's) engagement ring! So neat that these young people choose heirlooms. Love it! When is your big day?

Karen said...

Congratulations to all! A beautiful picture of the happy couple:)

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to Andrew and Teah! Exciting times, and the ring with its history is sweet.

Glad you got to have lunch with Mary Lee, and kudos to your hubby!

Faith said...

CongratulTions on the addition to yout family via a daughter in law! exciting times! when is the wedding?

yay for your hubby and the lunch with your friend......that is always a fave with me.

havea restful weekend!

Willow said...

Yay!! Another engagement! Congratulations to Andrew and Teah!
And congrats to your hubby on doing so well on that test.