Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday's Fave Five 3/11/16

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I have been a very poor blogger in recent weeks.  Maybe the next few weeks will be better.  In the meantime:

1. Last night we saw Andrew's new apartment, and he and Mike moved a desk into it.  That one piece of furniture about finished them both off - neither realized how heavy it would be, moving it up three flights of stairs.  Yes, the apt. is on the third floor, but it has a balcony and a nice view NOT over the parking lot.  It has recently been renovated with new appliances, and everything else is nearly new.  He is getting a nice apartment, and he and his fiancee will have a lovely place to start out after their wedding.

2. Good week at school, especially with the class that is most difficult to teach.  They enjoyed what we did this week, and that is always good.  The class below is another one, using whiteboards to practice spelling for an exam. 

3. Last Friday evening after we went out to eat, Mike let me run into my favorite store.  On a whim, I bought a long sweater, lightweight and with spring colors.  It was more than I usually spend, but it was pretty.  Got it home, it fits, and will get worn this spring.  Probably a lot.  Now I have to buy a skirt to match it. . .

4. Last Sunday evening we went to a nearby city to hear Andrew sing in the quartet he helps with.  We always enjoy getting to hear them sing.

5. Saw ML last night also--she stopped by to see the new apartment.  Always good to see my daughter in the middle of her very busy weeks!!


ellen b said...

Hi Ann, sounds like a good week. Oh my an apartment on the third floor brings back memories of my daughter and I lugging up all her and her husband's stuff when she moved back to Jacksonville to await her husbands return from Afghanistan. We were so dead tired...
It's nice that his new apartment doesn't face the parking lot. Glad you had a good week at school. Have a nice weekend!

Barbara H. said...

The new apartment sounds nice! When my husband moved our oldest son into his, on the second floor, they had to take apart his bed to get it inside.

Glad the week at school went well and you got to see your daughter for a bit.

The sweater sounds nice! I'm regretting I didn't get one I saw a couple of weeks ago - talked myself out of it but when I got home realized it would be prefect for this time of year with one dress I have. I'll have to see if it is still there next time.

Deb said...

Hi Ann- So nice to meet another teacher! I love your blog and will be back to visit again soon. Hope you get all your grading done. We are on spring break for a week now - yea!! Have a great weekend!

Mia said...

How lovely to hear your son sing! I'm sure it is a blessing to watch your kids flourish.
A high quality, frequently worn item is definitely worth the investment. Glad you found a perfect spring sweater!
Always a blessing when your difficult class turns out to be great one. :)

Willow said...

Well, Andrew and his fiancee will certainly stay in great cardio shape walking up those 3 flights of stairs all the time.
It might have been wonderful to hear your son sing :)

Wendy said...

Sounds a great apartment but why do offspring never get apartments on the ground floor. Every place my kids have moved into during and after uni have been on at least the first floor if not highter! lol

Susanne said...

My daughter's last two apartments have been on the third floor so I totally get what you're saying. All things get heavy by the time that third flight of steps is reached! You'll have to model that sweater for us!