Thursday, March 17, 2016

The REAL List For the Guy You Should Marry

Yesterday for the nth time I saw one of those memes that floats around regularly, about what kind of guy a girl should look for and marry.  It always includes statements such as "Marry the guy who dances with you to your favorite song, under a full moon."  "Marry the guy who kisses your eyelids tenderly when you are upset," etc. etc.

Well, sweet romance is all well and good, and has a lot to do with the initial attraction between a man and a woman.  I get that.  But romance alone does not make a good marriage.  I am afraid that Disney and other factors have upped the ante so high on romance that it's almost impossible for most men to meet.  Or girls to lower their romantic expectations.

However, romance does not make a marriage.  Most girls may not be willing to see this, but it's possible to be married to a man who seems decidedly unromantic where flowers and soft music are concerned, yet is decidedly romantic in the truest sense of being a good husband.

Marry the guy who says:

  • "We will stick together through thick and thin.  We will not think divorce.  This is permanent."
  • "I'll help you babysit.  I like children."
  • "Your car needs an oil change.  I'll get that done."
  • "I would stay here and be with you.  Now.  But we'll wait until marriage."
  • "I'd love to impress you by taking you to that nice restaurant, but it's beyond my budget."
  • "I wish we could see each other tonight too, but I made a commitment to my friend, and it's important to keep my word."
  • "We will be faithful to church."
  • "I care more about my relationship with the Lord than I care even about you."
  • "I am a sinner.  I will fail the Lord and I will fail you.  I will do my best to make amends with you whenever necessary."

No man will be able to meet everything on this list.  But a good man will meet many of them.  And I guarantee you that this is a better list for a solid marriage than a man who dances with you in the moonlight.