Saturday, March 19, 2016

Request For Obama, Jackson, and Sharpton

Yesterday a 28-year-old police officer was gunned down in Greenville, SC.  He was trying to talk with a self-proclaimed gang member who was suspected of trying to obtain a gun, and the young thug shot him down in cold blood.  The officer never even drew his gun.  The thug ran away, and, when close to being caught, killed himself rather than surrender to authorities.

Oh, and this 17-year old gang-member murderer was released from prison after serving 251 days of a 10-year prison sentence for a felony--strong-armed robbery.  He was convicted in adult court for that crime, after years of juvenile offenses.

The police officer leaves behind two young sons and a pregnant wife.  He was known in Greenville for his ability to work with young people and to be a positive force for curtailing gang activity.  He had a Purple Heart.  He was an Iraq war veteran.

I would like to ask President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others to make a statement about this death, as they have about so many others.  Does it matter that this officer was white, and the assailant was black?

I would like to hear from these three leaders about THIS death.


mim said...

This should be disseminated far and wide.

Deb said...

Good post. I totally agree. Thanks for saying this.