Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Misc. - 5/9/16

--I just came in from the gym.  I was doing my usual routine on the recumbent elliptical, when I felt something soft, not part of me (insert smile emoji here), inside my T-shirt.  Weird feeling.  While walking to the ladies' exercise room, I reached up inside - and it was a sock.  A blue sock.  One that has been missing since last fall, which was the last time this shirt was worn and laundered.  I'm just glad it didn't fall out while I was walking or when someone would have seen it.

--Today was a Monday that represented everything that people talk about Mondays about.  Frustrating day.  I do hope Tuesday will be better.

--Here is a picture from a year ago, when we had 15 sightings of rose-breasted grosbeaks at our feeders.  (We saw one more last fall - an immature.  It was brownish and streaked, but definitely one of these, because there was a faint triangle of pink right where it belongs.)  This year, we have seen--none.  Nor have I heard of any, other than a couple of sightings mentioned on a bird list I follow.  Last year many of my friends had sightings at their feeders.  It would be interesting to know why last year was such a boon, and this year was such a bust.

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Barbara H. said...

Funny about the sock. I figure some of our missing ones have to be tucked in other clothes, but it's odd we don't find them.

Hope your Tuesday has been better.