Saturday, June 4, 2016

And We Had A Wedding!

Well, we had a wedding last night.  It was beautiful.  The rain stayed away and the heat was bearable.  These are a few snapshots that we got from phones.  Mike's brother took many great "official" photos, but we do not have any of those yet.

This was taken beforehand.  I don't have any of us with Teah yet, but am sure we'll get some later.

My two precious children--

Sweet ceremony--

ML with Bryon and Tessie.  Bryon is Andrew's best friend, and Tessie, his wife, is Teah's sister.  Does that give any clues to how Andrew and Teah got together?

Precious friends from China.  I met them there at Andrew's English corner, and they also came to visit us at Christmas when they had traveled to the States for graduate school.

Sending the couple off with sparklers--

And this isn't of the bride and groom, or anyone else in the wedding party, but I like it.  :-)


Barbara H. said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a Hawaiian theme?

Ann said...

Barbara - the bride's father is Filipino/Hawaiian. Her aunt brought real leis for the bridal party directly from Hawaii. The groom and his party wore tea leaf leis, and the rest of us got those beautiful flower ones. It was a beautiful touch!