Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 7/29/16

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1. Great evening last night with guests from both sides of my family - Uncle Chuck (Mom's only sibling) and his daughter and her husband, and Judy (cousin on Dad's side) and her hiking friend Pam (also distantly related on Mom's side).  We don't get a lot of company here from Illinois, so to have that coincidence on the same evening was very nice.  We had a great meal at the Galley (Thanks, Dad) and re-connected with many.

2. New daughter-in-law and I made a run to a fun store in the neighboring city on Wednesday.  It's a real, old-fashioned "five and dime," and they stock lots of creative things as well as some school supplies.  It's the kind of store you can't visit too often, because it's overwhelming with all the stuff packed into limited space, but once in awhile it's a fun trip.

3. Last Monday I used the "Mississippi Roast" recipe (common on the internet) with some venison stew meat in the crockpot, to make lunches for Mike for work.  Instead of using pepperoncini peppers, I used some hot ones from the local farmers' market.  Then I cooked his favorite basmati rice to go under the stew meat.  Oh, and also made some crowder peas, cooked HOT with more of those peppers.  On both Tuesday and Wednesday, I got texts from him, "Great lunch!!!"

4. Thankful for a lazy day today, in which we can kick back in this hot weather, and still get things done but not be under any pressure to do so.

5. And finally, I saw this in the paper this morning, and thought it was very appropriate, especially for a lot of the kids (and some adults) I see today!!  :-)


Barbara H. said...

Love those big family gatherings when they happen. Most of our relatives are in TX or out West, so we don't have them very often, either.

If the store you're talking about is what I think it is, I used to love strolling around in there, too.

Love lazy days like that. I saw you comment somewhere else about starting school in something like 10 days - wow, it seems like they are moving it up more and more.

Faith said...

how fun to have a family reunion evening!

I read your comment on my blog abputmyour school starting in just 10 more days. YIKES!!! here in NY we are definitely still enjoying the Summer it is, we go back when it is officially still summer...we go back 2 days after Labor day. very traditional up here in the Northeast.

I dont know what store you are talking abput but over crowded stores are just too messy for me, but there is an old fashioned five and dime store in a village where i hike in the mountains and it is fun!! thank God it isnt crowded!! lol

enjoy your last few days of vacation!!

Purple Grandma said...

It's wonderful to share time with family you don't see very often. Our daughters live nearby and we try to have family nights a couple of times a month. One never knows how long the kids will be nearby! I am looking forward to a visit from my sister-in-law and her husband this fall. When family isn't available, we borrow family!

Summers seem shorter now than when we were younger. Maybe it's because of all the professional development days and holidays kids these days have.

It's nice to have others express appreciation for your culinary efforts :)

Hope you have a refreshing week, Ann.

Gattina said...

How nice to meet some family members ! I have become very lazy concerning cooking !

Wendy said...

A great five. Sounds like the family get together was fun.

Karen said...

Love those family gatherings:)

The shopping trip with your DIL sounds like fun. How nice that you do things together and those stores are right up my alley.

Thanks for the chuckle -- great cartoon.

Enjoy your weekend, Ann.

Willow said...

I saw that cartoon and thought it was hilarious.
Quiet no pressure days are always faves with me. I'm glad you had some this week.
Your family dinner sounds wonderful!