Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Misc.

--I found this to be an interesting read:

--We went to watch Hillary's America on Friday.  Spread the word.  It needs to be widely watched!

--Although many needs are genuine, I think that GoFundMe requests for money have gotten out of hand.  And no one should be able to forward a GoFundMe page unless they themselves have donated to the cause.  (No, there's no way to regulate that.  But it would be nice.)

--Our son and his wife let themselves into our house (they have a key), got some DVDs they wanted, and left, while we were asleep in the back bedroom.  We never knew they had been here.  (They had called, but my phone was deep in my purse and I didn't hear it.)  Not sure if I should be a little mad or a little scared.

And finally:

--Lately I've heard of several people who have gotten "fishy pedicures" (they go by different names), in which little fish are added to the water that the person soaks his or her feet in.  YOU COULD NOT PAY ME ENOUGH to have that done.


Barbara H. said...

Interesting first article. I wish the author had put her name, but I understand not doing so.

I would feel a little uneasy, too, about people coming in and out of the house and not hearing them.

That fishy pedicure would be so weird.

rk2 said...

Haven't been to Hillary's America yet but want to.

Great idea about GoFundMe. Several times I've wanted to just give directly to the cause rather than have GoFundMe take out their percentage of the gift.

I think I would try the fish pedicure. Unfortunately, the fish may see my heels and say "Buffet!" It's time for a regular pedi.