Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday's Fave Five 10/14/16

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1. Husband is a happy man - he got a 150-lb., 8-point buck on the opening morning of deer season.  Plus he's been seeing some deer in our back yard.  That really makes him a happy man.

2. A really fun day in sophomore English.  (I've got pictures, but am not supposed to post pics of identifiable students on personal social media.)  We finished Julius Caesar and celebrated with a lunch on the stage of our cafetorium.  We ate Little Caesar's pizza, Caesar salad, and Italian creme cake, and drank grape juice.  They all brought sheets that they made into "togas" for the occasion.  And most of this was their idea!!  Very creative class.

3. A new flower bed out by the road.  Mike pulled out an old plant that hasn't done well for years, moved rocks, added railroad ties, soil, and mulch, and bought and planted pansies.  When he takes on a project - he does it right. 

4. We went to see Sully last Saturday.  Good movie.  The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is portrayed as being heavy handed, but nevertheless, it is a feel-good movie that has very little in the way of objectionable elements.  A couple of words here and there, but not much.  We had an enjoyable afternoon.

5. Son is OK after being bucked off a horse last Sunday.  It could have been really bad, but after one uncomfortable night he is doing fine.  He may have a slightly cracked rib, but there is nothing that can be done for that anyway.  We're glad it was not worse.


Faith said...

oh dear!! I remember when my oldest was just getting into jumping during her equestrian lessons and the horse (actually a pony....they are WORSE!) threw her. It was awful. but she got right back on! Hopefully your boy will, too.

I have yet to see Sully and seeing as how that all played out not too far from us I really need to get my hubby to see it. I have a gift card for the movie theater so maybe we will go soon!

Your English class sounds like a fun bunch.

Can't wait to see pics of your new flowers. Enjoy the weekend!!

collettakay said...

My hubby would be ecstatic with that buck! Glad to hear your son is OK :) I hope you can stop by:


Schotzy said...

Sounds like a very nice week... would love to take in a film with my hubs but at least we have been do a DVD film festival lately of old BBC series! Praise God your son wasnt badly injured... scary business!!!

Barbara H. said...

Horse accidents always make me think of Christopher Reeve's, though I know probably the vast majority don't end like his did. Glad your son is feeling better. Love the Italian celebration! Your freezer must be looking pretty good with that deer meat! Wow - that flower bed looks so nice! My husband is like that, too, with projects. I'm looking forward to seeing Sully some time.

Kathie said...

Glad your son was not hurt too badly - although I'm sure it's sore enough!

Your Roman celebration sounds like such fun. I'm sure the students will remember that class for a long time!

Congrats to your dh. My husband likes to hunt as well but we have no deer on the Island.Mainly geese and ducks.

I'm hoping to see Sully too. I've heard it's good.

Thanks for sharing your 5!

Susan said...

Love your new planting box. Your hubby certainly did do it right! And the plants you chose are so cheery.

What a fun way to celebrate in your class. And even more fun since the kiddos came up with the ideas.

So glad your son is doing better. Will this deter him from riding? I know it would me, but them I am afraid of horses.

Have a great week.