Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 10/28/16

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1. I have a new camera this year and am going to attempt to improve efforts at bird photography.  Here are last week's attempts.  This is the best picture of the two (after a lot of deletes).  It's a tufted titmouse.

This one is a tad blurry (those little things move really, really fast), but I love it because it shows a red-breasted nuthatch with the seed in its mouth.  We have not had any of those since 2012.  I'm hoping that this is the season that we will have all three of the types of nuthatch at our feeders.  Two so far.

2. Mike just fixed the lamp next to my chair that flickered constantly.  A big thank you.

3. I had a lovely interview with a former student yesterday.  She was to interview a veteran teacher for her Intro. to Ed. class, then write a paper based on what the teacher said.  It was a pleasure to pass the baton a little bit.

4. I finally got some black dress shoes that fit right.  One store: Great shoes, too big.  Another store:  Similar style, one-half size smaller, too small.  eBay: The first shoes, more expensive, half-size smaller, still slightly big, but wearable.  I'll keep them.

5. And finally - The Cubs have made it to the World Series!!  Go, Cubs, Go!!


ellen b. said...

Sweet photo of the bird. Sounds like a good week. Good fitting shoes are wonderful. It's good not to have to think about your feet when you are out and about. Go Cubs. I think a lot of people are cheering them on.

Barbara H. said...

How neat to gave the interview with your former student! I can't stand flickering lights - I know how good it must have felt to have it fixed. I always dislike shoe shopping because it's so hard to find ones that fit right that are a good price. Glad you found some!

Wendy said...

Your photos are lovely. And nice that your former student wanted to interview you. Have a good weekend.

Susan said...

Hurray for your Cubs. It is a happy day when our teams win. I am a Giants fan, but I can appreciate that the better team won.

What a fun goal for the year. I love that today's cameras allow us to take LOTS of photos without costing us money. The two you showed us are very special indeed.

It sure is nice to be able to pass on some wisdom. I hope your former student takes it to heart and that it benefits her greatly.

A flickering light is surely an annoyance. I have one, too. And I wonder (and worry a bit) if it is flickering because of faulty electricity. Having that annoyance fixed is something to to be grateful for, Another hurray for this!

Have a great week.

Deb said...

Yes, it always fun to pass on a little of the "teacher wisdom" to someone who wants to listen. Yea for the Cubbies! I love that they got to the World Series! Have a great week!

Susanne said...

I love those little tufted titmouse birds but have never seen one in real life. You are inspiring me to learn to use my big camera. How neat that you were interviewed and could pass on some of your experience. Hubbies that know how to fix those little things that are big annoyances are definitely a blessing.

Willow said...

I'm very impressed with anyone who can take photos of birds. They hear me coming and take off just when I'm ready to snap the shutter--just ask Ellen--it was a joke with us.
That was a sweet interview you did with your former student, and sweet that she wanted you to do the interview.

Kathie said...

I really enjoy taking photos of birds as well. it's tricky - you have to have a lot of patience. I had 7 robins in our crab-apple tree the other day and as I soon as I pointed the camera at them, they flew away. Hopefully i'll get another opportunity to get a picture of them. They were so pretty!

Glad you got your new shoes - i need some new black dress shoes too.

And congrats on your team!