Friday, November 11, 2016

A Day Late. . .

Twenty-eight years ago, yesterday now, I was counting fingers and toes.  On a little boy who was born as blue as the shirt he's wearing in the picture below.  (I will spare the reader the details.)  He was a 2 on his first Apgar reading, but back up to 10 on the second.  

He never slept for long as a baby because he was afraid he would miss something.  Even as a newborn, the slightest sound would make that little head crane upward, wanting to know what was going on.  He hasn't changed in that.  :-)

He is helping out our school play director this weekend, playing a small part that really requires someone who looks and acts older than a high school student.  I appreciate his willingness to do something like that when it would be easy to decline.  He has a great spirit and desire to do what he can to help.  He loves God.

I don't have any of his wedding pics on this computer.  But that changed his life dramatically as well, of course.

So happy 28th birthday, Andrew - even if it's a day late.

Senior recital in college

High school graduation

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Barbara H. said...

Belated happy birthday to Andrew!