Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 10/7/16

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It has been a difficult week for our community.  Ten days ago a teacher and two children, at a school about ten miles from my home, were shot as they exited their classroom to the playground.  Six days ago one of the children, a little boy, died from blood loss and accompanying cardiac arrest and brain damage.  Wednesday was his funeral.

Knowing that a sweet six-year-old boy died as a result of merely walking out from his classroom to recess is a sadness that just won't leave me, or many others in our area.  An innocence has been shattered from the entire community.  This should not have happened.  Our safety really is an illusion.

I have many more thoughts, some already shared in a previous post, and more to come.  But for now, here are some positives from a sad week for our town, county, state, and really our world.

1. The little boy loved attending Good News Club at school, and going to Sunday school at a church that we are familiar with.  That is a sweet fact to know about his life.

2. The point man for this entire tragedy is a fine pastor that we know well.  His children went to our school.   He has been a faithful pastor at the same church for many years.  He loves God and could address the people in the funerals and services with an eternal perspective.  That is a great blessing.

3. The little boy loved superheroes.  People wore superhero T-shirts to his funeral, and all over the area, people wore the same outfits to school, work, and out in public.  There has been a great show of support for the family, school, and community.  The tragedy has really brought people together.


4. In other matters:  Last Friday I got three shots in my lower back to relieve the low-grade back pain and sciatica that I have dealt with for many years.  The pain management doctor is very good.  He said the relief would not be immediate, but that over the next few weeks I should note some improvement.  That would be great.

5. And finally: Last Saturday Mike hung all my bird feeders, bought 50# of seed, filled the feeders, and trimmed the overhanging branches.  Let the migration begin, and let the winter birds start finding us!


Karen said...

I saw the news coverage about the tragedy in your community. I'm so sorry. The superheros at the funeral were so touching and such a wonderful way to celebrate that special little boy.

Prayers for all.

Barbara H. said...

It was heartening to see the superhero theme spreading through the community, and especially good to know he went to a good church and his family seems like they might know the Lord.

Hope your back feels better soon.

I'll have to check the migration patterns an see what birds pass through here, whether they come to or leave from this area. I've just been noticing an absence of them that I haven't noticed in previous years.

Wendy said...

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to arrange your child's funeral but having the support of your community hopefully gives some comfort. And a good pastor must help too. I hope you get some relief with your back soon.

Willow said...

I knew about the shooting and my heart just hurt for that little boy and the family. I didn't realize it was in your community. I'll never look at a superhero costume again without thinking of him.
I hope you are staying dry. Would you please send us some of that rain? You could spare a little and we need it so desperately.
Hoping your back is better soon...

Susanne said...

I am so sorry for the loss of that precious little boy and for the horror your community had to endure. We also had a shocking violent crime occur in ours last week that has left a young lady fighting for her life. The gamut of feelings everyone goes through is overwhelming. I'm glad there are good pastors to help people through times like this.

Hope those shots help out your back and that you are soon feeling much relief.