Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 12-2-16

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1. Last Friday we had a little "shooting party."  (Sounds very 1800s.)  My husband and son have a friend with a shooting range in his back yard in the country, and my son, daughter-in-law, sister, Mike, and I all went to practice.  We all did well and it was a fun thing to do on a beautiful day.
My sister the shooter


Yours truly

I got a "grouping" - apparently that's good even if not on the bulls-eye.

2. I can't say to whom, since it hasn't arrived yet - but this blanket is finally finished and in the mail to a sweet little girl!!

3. Last Monday, Mike and I went to one of our favorite "haunts" for birds.  It was a totally useless trip.  Two great blue herons, and that's ALL we saw.  Plus we saw where a huge chicken farm is being built right where there used to be a large area of woods that was perfect for a lot of wildlife - that's a big disappointment.  And then, we decided to jump on the interstate and go five miles up so we could stop at a Bojangles for Mike to get some biscuits to take to work the next morning.  BIG mistake.  TRAFFIC JAM.  After 30+ minutes, we finally got off at our destination.  The upside to all this:  Since by now we were hungry and hadn't even thought about any supper, we stopped to eat at a nice little Italian place.  And I have leftovers for lunch today.

4. I attended a little party on Tuesday evening for a former colleague who has returned to town.  The circumstances are not happy - her husband passed away very suddenly last summer - but it was very nice to see her and to see how God is keeping her from day to day.  And a number of other friends, acquaintances, and colleagues I had not seen for a long time were also there.  We all enjoyed catching up.

5. And finally:  This pile of fleece, enough for 15 blankets, is cut and ready for a "blanket-making party" Monday after school.  A number of students have said they are coming, even non-Beta Club students (the club is sponsoring this).  We shall see how it turns out!


Faith said...

What a great idea that blanket making party is for teens!! I'm assuming this is for some kind of outreach to the needy? Everyone here in the family LOVES their fleece this time of year.

I have to say i am NOT a fan of guns (even though my dad worked in Remington Arms helping to make them for years and year and years) but it looks like you enjoyed ourselves.

At least there was a blessing that came from that traffic jam! I love Italian restaurants and especially when there's leftovers for lunch!

enjoy your weekend!

Barbara H. said...

The blanket-making party sounds like such a good idea! Sorry the bird-watching expedition didn't yield the desired results, but dinner out is a good way to end the day. Nice to have a finished project like the blanket done.

Wendy said...

The blanket party sounds like a great idea. I hope it goes well.