Monday, December 5, 2016

99 Years

If my father-in-law were still living, he would be 99 years old today.  That's hard to believe. 

He was an unusual man.  He was interested in many subjects, and he was knowledgeable and well-read about all of them.  Clocks.  Pocket watches.  Russian boxes.  Educational systems.  Old guns.  Books.  Jewelry.  Depression glass.  Furniture.  Religion.  Antique anything.  Medicine.  And those are just the first things that come to mind.  I wish I had been more interested in some of those things when he was still around.  I would have tried to learn much more from him at the time.

He was a well-respected medical doctor here in town.  When Mike and I moved back here in 1990, we met many people at our church who immediately said "I went to your dad when he was still doctoring."   He raised ten children, finishing the job after the loss of his wife, who died while several of the children were still at home.

He passed away about five years before the internet became common.  I have often wondered about how he and eBay would have taken to each other.  I think he would have loved it.  His style of coming up with "treasures" was to wander about the countryside with his sister or one of his buddies, striking up a conversation with some old store owner out in the middle of nowhere, and then asking to buy whatever item hanging on the wall had caught his eye.  He was a master at figuring out a bargain or striking a deal.  (Reminds me of another man that I know - and am married to.)

I wish my children had been old enough to have more memories of this grandfather.  They were six and four when he passed away - not old enough for a lot.  

He could be gruff at times, but his children knew he loved them.  He was very good to them.  Happy 99th birthday to a great man.   

During his Navy days
On his honeymoon

With Mike the spring that we were engaged

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