Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 12/9/16

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1. The blanket I had mailed off arrived at its destination this week.  It went approximately 1000 miles out of the way - tracking showed that it went north instead of south, but still managed to be delivered only one day later than the expected day of delivery.  It is for my niece's baby - she is a newborn right now, but this is really meant to be more for when she is a toddler.  There is something about working with yarn that is very relaxing.

2. The Beta Club sponsored a fleece blanket-making party for any students in the school who would like to help.  We worked for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon; several students took some home to finish up; and several students worked on blankets during their study halls.  Thanks to their efforts, 22 blankets are stacked in our school hallway, to be given to families who need them, along with the other items the students and staff are collecting.  It was fun to see about 20 students working hard on a worthy group project like that.

3. Mike had a birthday this week and we had a nice family party last night - served his favorite porcupine meatballs along with sides and a cake made by my mother.  (He started browning the meatballs while I was still at school and was texting me with a couple of questions - the students were quite perplexed by the concept of "porcupine meatballs."  They were a little relieved to know that all that that means is that the meatballs have rice in them.)

4. Tonight was our Sunday school Christmas party.  We enjoyed fellowship with friends we haven't spent much time with in quite awhile.

5. And finally - this beautiful purple finch came to our feeders this week!


Faith said...

love the bird pic!!

rice in meatballs?? post the tecipe please! i use bison instrad of beef but im sure that would be fine? we LOVE rice

have an enjoyable weekend

Susanne said...

Sweet and colorful little bird. I wish I could have bird feeders but with our cat it makes it too dangerous for them. We love porcupine meatballs! I laughed at the reaction from your students...having always known what they were I never thought of it that way. What a special thing for the students to do, I'm sure the families that receive the blankets will love them. And a sweet blanket for the little babe too!

Barbara H. said...

We enjoy porcupine meatballs regularly around here, too, and joke about using porcupines. :-) Happy birthday to your husband! The blanket-making is such a wonderful project. I imagine it makes the students really feel like they had a part rather than just delivering things their moms bought, though that's helpful, too. Our class doesn't have class parties any more, and I miss them. Beautiful purple finch!

Jerralea said...

Oh my, I haven't thought about porcupine meatballs in a long time ... such a funny name!

How neat to involve the students in blanket making. I love those fleece blankets - they are so warm and wash up so nice!